About Us


God works in mysterious ways.  When God brought us together He knew that two very different people had one common goal.  To love unconditionally and to devote our lives to the success of marriages around the globe!  


Our Father in heaven helped us to understand early on that the transitions in life are often forgotten.   So often, many of us focus on the sunrise of a relationship or the sunset of a relationship.  Yet, the sunny or even dark days in between are lost in translation during the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.  That is where our ministry came alive!  


WE learned that it is not just about us. Through on-the job training at our home church ministry; we found God's voice!  We decided just before our 10 year anniversary that we wanted more for Marriage-more for Love.  We wanted the world to know that if God is for you; nothing can come against you!  We decided to become the enemy of divorce!  The naysayer of broken families.  We fell in Love with Love!  Now, we want the Love of God to overtake you!  Uplift you through dating, establish you in marriage and fortify you in family.  It is time to "Believe in WE".