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September Love!

For the month of September we encourage you to express love in an old school way!  You may be tech-saavy but do you know the power of putting pen to paper?  We encourage all couples of the 

Me to We community to write Love Letters to the one you LOVE!


4 Letter Word...

With as many letter combinations as every water drop in the sea; there is still one letter combination that far exceeds all the others.  It knows when your heart skips without ever checking your pulse.  It is like a fall leaf captured by the wind, gracefully dancing in your thoughts.  Like a warm breeze you can't always see it but you can definitely feel it.  This 4 letter word combination is the most powerful force in heaven and on earth.  Yet, gentle enough to comfort you when the world has been so rough.  Yes, you called it...the 4 letters spell Love!

Dr. Seuss

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

Love is more intoxicating than any drink you can pour in a glass, more dramatic than any cinematic experience and more gut-wrenching when you lose sight of it.  Love is a treasure and should be guarded as a modern-day fountain of youth.  Drinking of its waters brings new life, fresh perspective to whomever quenches their thrist in its fountain.  

Albert Einstein

"You can't blame gravity for falling in love."

Love is the music of your thoughts and theme song to your heart.  It inspires your dreams, its ballads influence your symphonies.  It orchestrates your peace.  It climbs mountains, tears down walls, dies on the cross and laid down it's life.  Love is His sacrifce.  Love is our obedience. 

We now know a 5 letter word combination that spells love, it's...


Now that's LOVE! 

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September Song of the Month!

This is why I Love You - Major

There is power in words, Use Love Letters in September...

Relationship Building

Prep for Marriage - Aug - Oct


Calling all Engaged, seriously dating and  married couples to the new season of "Prep for Marriage" starting August 11th at 11:00 AM in Photon only at Family Christian Center in Munster IN!  This 11-week Course is designed to provide real-life scenarios with biblical principles to set your union up for success in marriage...God's Way!  This years theme is the "Perfect Love Challenge"!  Are you ready?  Because not every couple can handle God's kind of love!  If you are ready to fight the good fight then join us the 2nd Sunday in August at 11:00 AM!  See you there! 

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Murder She Wrote


This month we encourage you to identify your verbal relationships.  Murder she wrote identifies traits that have long been apart of our society but has reached a fever-pitch in relationships, social media and everyday life.  We encourage you to identify these traits and wipe them out for good!  Find out more TODAY!

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Date Your Mate


There is a saying..."it takes a village to raise a child".   The "Me to We" family thinks, "It takes a community of the kingdom-minded to raise a marriage".  Let's embrace love together with date nights as a ministry (boat cruises, candle-light dinners, movies).  Request upcoming date events today.

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Wedding Announcements


Wedding Announcements are back by popular demand!  You asked for it now it's here.  We encourage all couples to announce their pending nuptials to let the world know you have found your soul-mate!  Feel free to submit engagement photos and we are happy to spread the good news!  Congratulations in advance!

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Got Swag?

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Maybe you didn't know you were blessed by the best!  Maybe you are just getting used to owning your S.W.A.G.  Who are we kidding!  If you are Saved with Amazing Grace...there is NO WAY you don't know!  2019 brings a fresh start, a new beginning, a new outlook!  What are you waiting for? Seize the day!  Walk in Godfidence!  Walk in your truth and make tomorrow remarkable and yesterday jealous!  Get your Swag on!  

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Fix it Jesus!


Beware of Dream Catchers

We all have dreams but if you tell the adversary what your dreams are for your next relationship he may make an attempt to ensnare you.  We encourage you to let us open your eyes to the people and things that keep us away from our dream, that cause us all to "miss the mark".  Learn what Dream Catchers look like so you never have to experience what Dream Catcher's feel like.  Don't allow your dream to be caught! 

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Beware of Time Wasters

What are time wasters?  Anything that prevents you from reaching your future potential.  Time wasters are distractions to take your focus away from achievements, your peace and from getting to know God better.   Learn the top 4 Time Wasters and get your life back on track for 2019.

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Pulse Check!

What does your heart say about your current relationship?  Is your heart racing or do you have a weak heart beat for your mate?  Check the pulse of your relationship today!

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Silent Killer

Life and death are in your toungue.  How will your spouse know if something is wrong if you don't tell them.  Don't be silent anymore...Use your words!

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Deserted "I" Land

Are you headed towards emotional divorce?  Do you feel connected yet rejected in marriage?  Are the invisible walls of emotional abandonment separating your marriage?  Find out the tell-tale signs so you can find your way back home again.  Love never fails!  

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Love boundlessly.  Love like you created the word!

Love Boundlessly!

You thought you knew love but you have never known love like this!  Find out how to love like you created the word!

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What's Love Got To Do With It? Everything!

Touch & Agree

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